How to Farm Faction Tokens in Season 2 of Destiny 2

Farming faction tokens is easier than you think if you participate in the right activities.


Earning faction tokens in Destiny 2 has been an up and down affair the last few months. I went from getting 600 by farming a lost sector in the EDZ to skipping the last faction rally completely due to nerfs. Finally, though, it appears that Bungie has found a balance that encourages organic gameplay and rewards you with a satisfying haul of faction tokens. Still, getting a full set of armor is no quick process, but there are legitimate ways to farm faction tokens and relieve some of the grind.

How to Farm Faction Tokens

Once you’ve picked a faction to represent, the next step will be to choose an activity that you want to participate in. Thankfully, faction tokens are rewarded for quite a few different in-game events. They aren’t all listed below (you also get them for strikes, raids, etc), but you can find some of the more efficient ways to earn them here:

  • Crucible Win: 5 Tokens
  • Crucible Loss: 2 Tokens
  • Public Event: 5 Tokens
  • Lost Sector (First Time): 6 Tokens
  • Lost Sector (Repeat): 3 Tokens
  • Faction Rally Scannable: 5 Tokens

There is also the faction milestone that changes daily. Today required you to destroy supply caches in lost sectors on Titan, but tomorrow will be different. These milestones will give you a big lump of tokens, so they are worth banging out each day if the investment is too much.

Should you be looking to farm faction tokens in the most efficient manner, I would start by clearing any lost sectors you haven’t already completed. Don’t mess with the lower-level enemies, just run in, smash the boss with your super ability, grab the loot, and then run out the back door. Each new lost sector you clear is six tokens.

There is also a lost sector on Nessus called the Carrion Pit in the Glade of Echoes. This lost sector can be cleared in 90 seconds, so you’re getting three tokens every 90 seconds even if you’ve already finished it once. That is hard pace of token farming to compete with.

Of course, there are also heroic public events to take part in, and these will give you five faction tokens for each one. The EDZ is the best place to do this, although it’s hard to imagine you being able to clear two public events in three minutes, which is the pace you’d have to keep to make this more efficient than farming the Carrion Pit lost sector.

My preferred method to approach faction tokens in Destiny 2 is to start by completing my weekly milestones. Enjoy the game through the activities that reward you with high level gear. When you’re out of those, start on the more efficient farming techniques outlined above.

Faction token farming isn’t the only thing we’re good at. Browse through our Destiny 2 guide-hub for all your Destiny 2 needs.

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