All Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Increase your strength and gold by finding treasure marked on the many treasure maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Like any good medieval role-playing game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has treasure maps to follow and loot to collect. There are dozens of these maps to find and all of them lead you to a pile of riches. Each of the treasure chests already exist in the game, so you don’t require a map in order to get them to spawn.

A lot of these chests contain a large stock of items, which is likely going to fill up your pockets, so make sure you drop off any unnecessary items before you head out. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to flesh out this guide.

Treasure Map I (1)

The first treasure map can be found by heading to the house between the Monastery and Ledetchko. Look in the rafters of the barn to find the map.

To find the treasure associated with the map, your best bet is to start the Monastery and travel northwest until you reach a camp between the main roads. Once at the campsite, head further northwest to reach a pair of buildings, the one on the left has a ladder leading down into a cave where a Hard chest will be waiting. You’re going to need to use a lockpick, so make sure you know how to pick locks.

Treasure Map II (2)

Treasure Map II can be located on the second floor of the Monastery. Finding the treasure requires a spade, so make sure you know where to find a spade. Starting at the Monastery, head west until you reach the river and a campsite, and then go north. You’ll come across a dead tree and a grave, it is here you’ll find your treasure.

Treasure Map III (3)

Treasure Map III can be bought from Fresco Master at the Sasau Inn. To find the treasure, head west from the Monastery until you reach the river, now head southwest to reach an abandoned cabin. Search around the cabin to find the chest – you will need a lockpick for this one.

Treasure Map IV (4)

Treasure Map IV in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be purchased off of Brother Nicodemus at the Monastery. With your treasure map in hand, venture out East from Ledetchko, following the river. You will want to head around the curve of the river, and then walk in-land until you reach a door in the side of a hill. In here you will find the Very Hard chest.

Treasure Map V (5)

Treasure Map V is purchased from Miller Woyzeck to the east of Ledetchko. To locate the treasure, head to Merhojed and go southeast to find a crumbling well. Inside the well is your reward.

Treasure Map VI (6)

Treasure Map VI can be purchased from one of the wayfarers that can be found between Rovna and the Monastery. You will need to bring a lockpick in order to get your hands on the treasure. Strike out north from Ledetchko and follow the river until you reach a path, at which point go east. Continue along the path until you arrive at what looks like an outdoor barbecue area, here is the Hard chest containing your loot.

Treasure Map VII (7)


Treasure Map VIII (8)


Treasure Map IX (9)

The ninth treasure map in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is hidden away in a little hut to the northwest of Skalitz, on a table. The treasure for Map IX is to the south of Skalitz, below the stone bridge.

Treasure Map X (10)

Treasure Map X will take you to another grave, so bring a spade. To get your hands on the map, look inside a shed near the inn in the Glade. You can find the treasure in a chest inside a small house in the area.

Treasure Map XI (11)

The eleventh treasure map can be purchased from Votava in Talmberg. To find the treasure, follow the river to the west of Ledetchko, stopping before it curves around to the north. Along the route to the bend, look for an opening to a mine, it’s here where you’ll find the treasure.

Treasure Map XII (12)

You can purchase Treasure Map XII from Miller Peshek at the Rattay Mill. Once you have the map, venture southeast of Rattay into the forest. You should come across a cabin in the woods with a simple clothesline along one side. Look inside the cabin to find the treasure.

Treasure Map XIII (13)

Treasure Map XIII can be bought from the Herbalist in Neuhof, and will lead you to the south-southeast of Neuhof. You will want to head on this direction until you reach the cliff, at which point you should see a house nearby, and inside is your reward.

Treasure Map XIV (14)

Treasure Map XIV in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be purchased from the wayfarer to the north of Rattay. With a spade in hand, head southeast of Neuhof toward the fork in the river. Near here are a collection of small trees and a grave. Get to digging!

Treasure Map XV (15)

Treasure Map number 15 can be found in Rattay. Head to the building where Sir Radzig is staying and enter Tobias Fayfar’s room to find the map on a bookshelf. Start at Neuhof and head west along the stream that leads to the main river. Follow the small river along until you almost reach the main river, and look for stairs leading north into a collection of rubble and a lean-to. Inside this area you can use the spade to dig up your treasure.

Treasure Map XVI (16)

Treasure Map XVI can be purchased from the herbalist in Samopesh. Start at Merhojed and head west until you reach the river. Once you reach the river, look across to the other side, toward the north is a white tree and beside it, a grave. Use your spade here to dig up your precious treasure.

Treasure Map XVII (17)

Much like the previous map, Treasure Map XVII ends with you digging up a grave. This map can be purchased from Berthold the huntsman in Rattay. With the map in hand, head to Rovna and go southwest, following the river. You should come across a house with a grave beside it. You know what to do.

Treasure Map XVIII (18)

Treasure Map XVIII in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be found in the village of Talmberg. Head to the south of the village and speak with Nicholas the huntsman, he has the treasure map for sale. Go north-east along the river to find a little depression and the treasure chests. You will need a lockpick to open the box, so make sure you know how to pick locks.

Treasure Map XIX (19)

This treasure map can be purchased from the wandering vendor that appears between Rattay and Ledetchko. The treasure for map 19 is located on the little island in the river around which Sasau is built. Look for the grave and get to work digging.

Treasure Map XX (20)

Treasure Map XX can be purchased from the Charlatan in Sasau. You can find this vendor near the south of the village. To find the treasure, you want head to Skalitz and go north to reach a lake. Around this lake are two weeping willows, you want to locate the one that’s not next to a building.

Treasure Map XXI (21)

Treaspure Map XXI can be found in a shed to the southwest of Skalitz. With your map in hand, make sure you have a lockpick, and then continue to the southwest of Skalitz and look for an entrance to a mine. You will want to enter using the lowest point, and once inside, take your first left. You will come across a room with a few ladders. Make your way to the top of the room using the ladders and you will discover your locked chest.

Treasure Map XXII (22)

Treasure Map XXII can be found in the Scribe’s office in Rattay. To locate the treasure, head to the southwest of Vranik into the forest, here, you’ll find a gallows with a bag beside it.

Treasure Map XXIII (23)


Treasure Map XXIV (24)

Treasure Map XXIV can be acquired from the Mysterious Wayfarer who you will encounter randomly during your travels. Keep in mind you don’t need the maps in order to collect the treasure. To find the treasure, trek to the north of Skalitz and look for the grave just near the forest’s edge.

There are a lot of treasure maps to find in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but thankfully you don’t need them in order to claim the treasure. If you don’t want to be bothered finding a map, just head to where you know the treasure to be located, and collect it. We’re in the process of answering a lot of Kingdom Come: Deliverance questions, so be sure to check out our guide hub for solutions to all kinds of problems.

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