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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Ginger in a Pickle Guide

Players roaring through Kingdom Come: Deliverance will eventually be tasked with tracking down the elusive stablehand known as Ginger.


Following the main Kingdom Come: Deliverance mission titled The Hunt Begins, players will find themselves wrapped up in the amusingly titled quest known as Ginger in a Pickle. To successfully complete this quest, the hero must track down the stablehand named Ginger following an unfortunate and violent outbreak at the horse farm where he's employed. In addition to a decision that may affect trophy or achievement progress, this quest also potentially involves a fair amount of combat, so players would be wise to brush up on their skills and bring along a few items as necessary.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Ginger in a Pickle Walkthrough

After speaking with Captain Bernard about the dead bandits following the events of The Hunt Begins, the player will find themselves tasked with tracking down Ginger. Heading over and speaking with Zora will point the player toward the other farmhand named Jakub, who will inform the hero that Ginger was last seen with a group of charcoal salesmen known as the Charcoal Burners.

The next objective of this mission is to speak to the Coal Burners found south of Neuhof. Gather up some supplies, making sure stay strapped with the best armor available, then head down the road leading south. Before long, players will come upon the southern Charcoal Camp. Speak to the Spokesperson there to learn what little there is to learn about Ginger's whereabouts, then take his advice and begin to seek out the more northerly Coal Burners.

This second group of Coal Burners will be found in a clearing on the south end of the area players are tasked with searching. Once finding htem, speak with their Spokesperson, only to be once again redirected to yet-another Coal Burners camp. Fortunately, this one will be clearly marked on players' maps. Head over there and speak with the third Spokesperson, who asks the player to clear out a nasty group of bandits.

Here, players will be tasked with a decision to either go out and slay the bandits or lie to the Spokesperson about having already killed them. If the player's Speech skill is high enough, lying means they'll be able to skip over the battle, a crucial step toward earning the Merciful achievement. Otherwise, head out to the camp and start brandishing that steel.

With either of the two objectives completed, players will finally locate the stablehand Ginger hiding out in a hut on the north side of the third Coal Burner camp. Upon being found, Ginger will inquire as to the fate of the bandits, and players once again have the choice to lie or to tell the truth. Once that's done, return to Neuhof and speak with Captain Bernhard to complete the Ginger in a Pickle quest.

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