Darwin Project Final Open Beta To Test Twitch Integration This Weekend

The final open beta goes live on February 23 and the devs have shared a list of improvements you'll be able to experience, including spectator interaction on Twitch.


Darwin Project is a new entry in the competitive survival genre, which is seeing massive growth on the backs of games like PUBG and the battle royale game mode. While there are certainly quickly made clones that copy the formula of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, some games are attempting to innovate at this early stage and Darwin Project is doing so by paying special care to the viewer aspect of the game. Competitive survival games are a treat to play and watch, and you can get a taste of this one more time before launch in its final open best test this weekend.

The Scavengers team has been steadily improving Darwin Project over multiple tests and this next one will be its most significant. The upcoming final open beta weekend, starting on February 23, will see the introduction of private matches, Twitch spectator interactions, more anti-cheat measures including a report system in the pause menu, Show Director mechanic updates, and more. Each feature is explained at length in the dev blog post but, the short of it is, the game is getting much better to being the fully realized game players will see at launch.

In Darwin Project, players are tossed into the post-apocalyptic northern Canadian Rockies for a live-entertainment experiment that forces them to fight to the death in a snow-covered arena. Enemy players aren't your only adversaries, as you must work to survive the environmental conditions while tracking your fellow competitors.

Testing in January drew in over 80,000 players, but this one should draw an even bigger crowd with the interactive aspect coming to the Twitch viewing experience. The features were available in Mixer previously, but this beta weekend will be doubling the fun. 

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