Miraxess Shows Us The Mirabook Video

The Miraxess Mirabook combines the power of a user's smartphone with the form factor of a traditional laptop.


Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the computing power that we carry around in our pockets. After all, modern smartphones are capable of doing just about everything that would have been only possible on PCs just 15 years ago. More than just web browsing, e-mail, or spreadsheets, modern smart devices now run just about everything a user can imagine, all the way from full-featured photo editing software to immersive 3D games. The only real difference between the modern PC and the modern smartphone is the physical interface, but that's not going to be the case for much longer, as accessory manufacturer Miraxess has a new product called the Mirabook that bridges the gap between the power of smartphones and the form factor of a laptop computer.

Check out the video below to learn more details about the Mirabook straight from Miraxess CTO Paul-Emile René.

Interested in picking up the Miraxess Mirabook? Users can help out the device's crowdfunding campaign and secure their own Mirabook by heading over to the official Miraxess website.

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