AT&T Offering Buy One, Get One Free Deal for iPhone X

Here's everything mobile users need to scoop up a free iPhone X alongside a qualifying purchase of Apple's latest phone.


One of the easiest ways of staying on top of the latest releases in mobile gaming is to keep on top of the industry's hottest mobile hardware. Toward that front, there's really no better choice than the iPhone X, Apple's latest handset and the most revolutionary smartphone to release from the company in years. There's a problem, though: at a cost equal to or in excess of $1,000, the iPhone X's lofty price tag has consumers holding out for a time when they can scoop up the new hardware without breaking the bank. Fortunately for them, AT&T is now offering the nation's first opportunity to buy one iPhone X and get the second for free.

iPhone X Buy One, Get One AT&T Promotion Details

The new BOGO promotion is open to both new as well as existing customers who are able to pick up the phones through the AT&T Next installment plan, which splits payments over either 24-month or 30-month periods. Like previous BOGO deals offered up for iPhone 8 model, the current promotion is a great way for families to add another device and a new line without having to worry about shopping different carriers or changing their existing plans.

The other details are about standard when it comes to phone payment plans albeit with one exception: one of the two devices will have to be used to activate a new line of service. Beyond that, both iPhone X devices will need to be purchased through one of two different Next installment plans, and the buyer will have to ensure that both phones are set up with their own data plans. That said, users should still be able to trade in their old devices for a credit, assuming the device is one that AT&T is willing to buy back.

It's also worth noting that the 256GB iPhone X model is not being offered for free, but according to the fine print for the discount, the expanded model should still see a discount that would to bring the phone's price down to about $150 — a great deal considering that each new standard iPhone X model will cost about $500 each otherwise. The details also reveal that buyers will be required to pay all taxes on both devices at the time of purchase, which isn't totally unexpected. To read up on all of the fine print regarding AT&T's buy one, get one iPhone X deal, check out the wall of text featured below or head over to the official AT&T website.

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