This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Mod Changes The Save Mechanic

If you don't want to wait around for the autosaves or become an alcoholic, here's a mod to help you out.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance features save mechanic that immerses players even further into its world, but it results in a frustrating experience for those not really willing to participate. The alcohol-based save design results in unpredictable autosaves, so a new mod has quickly been made to remedy this. The Unlimited Saving mod lets players save as much as they want as long as they have at least one bottle of Saviour Schnapps in their inventory but another version of it doesn't require the drink at all.

PCGamer reported on the mod and shared the guide that breaks down how to use both versions of the mod. Typically, you'd have to risk becoming an alcoholic if you saved to much in the game. You down a bottle of an alcohol called Saviour Schnapps each time you save (if you have one in your inventory) and this requires players to be a bit more careful with their decisions. There are a couple of ways to autosave, including getting a full night's rest, but not every situation is conducive to this.

If you don't have the time or patience to experience the save system how Warhorse intended, you can find the original version of Unlimited Saving here. The version that doesn't require Saviour Schnapps is here. If you want to stick to the game as it is intended, check out our guide on how to save. If you're looking for additional tips, check out the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough and Guide.

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