Capcom Slashes Price On Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS

The PSP-turned-iOS Monster Hunter title is now being offered with a limited-time discount of nearly 75%.


With so much excitement surrounding the recent release of Monster Hunter World, mobile and portable fans might be interested in picking up another title from the series' storied past. Fortunately for them, Capcom is currently running a sale on the iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, a full-featured and surprisingly expansive Monster Hunter title that originally released for the Sony PlayStation Portable back in 2008.

For those who might have missed the game the first time around, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the follow up to Monster Hunter Freedom 2, another PSP title that released back in 2007. Unite is seen as kind of an expansion of Freedom 2, albeit with a fair amount of added missions and monsters. It was a big hit at the time, earning generally favorable reviews from critics and managing to sell over 3.5 million copies, securing its position as the third best-selling PSP game to ever release for the handheld.

Needless to say, Freedom Unite was a big title for the PSP, so one can imagine how big the game felt when it released for iOS around the middle of 2014. It was sold for just $14.99 too, which seems like a lot for a mobile game, but really isn't much of a price at all considering how much content it contained. Now, and for what looks to be only a limited time, Monster Hunter fans can pick up Monster Hunter Freedom United for iOS at a special sale price of just $3.99. Any interested users could and most definitely should check it out by heading over to the Apple App Store.

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