Spyro The Dragon Remastered Trilogy Rumored To Be Coming To PS4

Forget Elon Musk and his boring flamethrower, this purple-scaled fire-breather may finally be making his way to next-gen consoles. 


I feel like a year doesn't go by without Spyro the Dragon fans patiently hoping that Activision will finally announce a long-awaited remastered trilogy of the classic platformer. If the rumors circulating around the internet are to be believed, this might be the year of the purple dragon. According to an article on Kotaku, Activision is set to announce a Spyro the Dragon Remastered Trilogy sometime in March with a Q3 2018 launch window.

Much like last year's Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the Spyro trilogy would feature updated visuals, animations, cutscenes, and lighting effects along with a remastered soundtrack. Since memory cards and manual saves are a thing of the past the save game feature will likely get an update as well. The three games rumored to be included in the remastered trilogy are the original Spyro the Dragon, Ripto's Rage!, and Year of the Dragon. There's also a possibility of previously unreleased content being added.

At first, the title will only be exclusive for PS4 and have PS4 Pro support but should find its way onto other consoles after a year of exclusivity with Sony. Which is exactly like the deal Sony already has in place with the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Many are speculating the release date will be some time in September since it lines up with the original Spyro the Dragon's 20th-anniversary celebration. 

If the Spyro Trilogy is going to be announced in March, there's a good chance that Sony may make the reveal during the Game Developers Conference. Hopefully, the remaster is really on its way to a Q3 2018 release.

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    February 13, 2018 11:34 PM

    Blake Morse posted a new article, Spyro The Dragon Remastered Trilogy Rumored To Be Coming To PS4

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      February 14, 2018 1:01 AM

      Man, the second and especially the third game are really great. First was an interesting technical piece for the time, but way too simplistic and basic :(

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      February 14, 2018 1:16 PM

      Is Spyro basically what spawned all that Skylander stuff? Or did they just throw Spyro into the game for fun? Do they share a 'universe' or something?

      I'm familiar with Spyro from back in the day, I know very little about Skylanders.

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        February 14, 2018 2:10 PM

        Skylanders are all sperm from Spyros purple penis

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