Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update v 1.2.0 Is Live Now

Lots of new updates and feature improvements have gone live, and there's also a Valentine's Day goodie up for grabs. 


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's latest update is now live on both Android and iOS, with v. 1.2.0 up for grabs on players on both types of devices. It's been in the works for a while, sprinkling in "new features" as well as a selection of bug fixes that should help improve the experience.

The changelog doesn't exactly elaborate on what's been updated as far as the new features go, but previously Nintendo had spelled out updated campsite customization with the ability to change the terrain in select areas, an increase in the number of rugs you can use, and custom animal outfits for your favorite campers.

Additionally, Nintendo teased improvements to Garden management, the Market Box, new bugs and fish, the option to ask multiple platers for assistance in Shovelstrike Quarry at once, and a new mini-game in the form of Brake Tapper.

If none of those improvements really get you going, there's still more to get excited about in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. There's a Valentine's Day celebration gong on right now that will net you a reward from Nintendo in the form of a chocolate valentine that is being given out to all players. Make sure you log in to claim it so your campsite is good to go for Valentine's Day.

There are, as always, more updates to come as well, like the new animals teased for debut in the game. Nintendo hasn't made an official announcement as to which animals those might be yet, but it's probably coming soon. 

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