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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Rolls Over for Blanka Next Week

The classic Street Fighter II is about to make his shocking return.


One of the handy things about the Season 3 batch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition characters is that players know exactly who's on the way. After Sakura arrived in January, everyone knew who to expect next. And sure enough, the beast from Brazil, Blanka, was revealed at the next character to join the battle.

Series fans should know what to expect out of Blanka by now. He joins the party with his electricity attack, rolling attacks, and feral movements. For SFV, he'll bring along a V-Skill called the Coward Crouch. This has him sprawl to the ground to avoid numerous attacks, like fireballs.

His V-Trigger I is the Jungle Dynamo, which ups the damage to his rolling attacks and also adds to his Electric Thunder attack, which will launch opponents. His V-Trigger II is Lightning Beast, which combines some of Blanka's most powerful moves. Using HP+HK, Blanka can follow up Rolling Attack with Rolling Cannon, which can extend combos for multiple hits and also electrocute his opponents.

Blanka's Critical Art is Dynamic Rolling, which has him slam his opponent to the ground and bounce off them repeatedly at full electric charge. He'll then rear back and charge his Rolling Attack, like a demented Sonic the Hedgehog, and then barrel into his opponent like a bowling ball.

Those looking to play with Blanka and only Blanka will be able to pick him up for $5.99 or 100,000 in-game Fight Money. The Season 3 Character Pass will also open up access to Blanka and the rest of this year's fighters. Look for Blanka to arrive next Tuesday, February 20. For more on this classic character, visit the Capcom-Unity website.

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