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Monster Hunter World - Sight all Monsters in the Elder's Recess

Learn where to find all the monsters you need to sight in the Elder's Recess in Monster Hunter World.


When you first enter the Elder’s Recess in Monster Hunter World, you’re tasked with sighting all the monsters available, a tall order considering it doesn’t tell you how many there are. Thankfully, there are only three main large monsters you need to find, and they’re pretty easy to spot.

Where to Sight all the Monsters in the Elder’s Recess

After following the Admiral through the Everstream, you’ll need to search for evidence of the Nergigante, but more importantly, you're required to sight all the monsters in the Elder’s Recess. There are quite a few monsters to find in the Elder’s Recess, including the Azure Rathalos and Bazelgeuse, but these don’t count towards the total. However, if you want to unlock all armor sets in the game, you’ll need to find them and collect their materials.

monster hunter world sight all monsters elders recess
There are three monsters to sight in the Elder's Recess.

There are three large monsters you’ll need to sight in order to complete the quest:

  • Dodogama
  • Uragaan
  • Lavasioth
monster hunter world uragaan sight all monsters elders recess
The Uragaan is one of the first monsters you can sight in the Elder's Recess.

The Uragaan can most easily be found in Area 2 of the Elder’s Recess, and can be tracked by looking for the print that looks like a bunch of dots. This rolling monster resembles the Radobaan, albeit with flat protrusions instead of spikes

monster hunter world dodogama sight all monsters elders recess
Head to Area 8 to sight the Dodogama.

To find the Dodogama you will need to head to the lower level of the Elder’s Recess, to Area 8. Look for the large crystal structures, it is here you’re most likely to sight the Dodogama eating rocks and belching out lava.

monster hunter world lavasioth sight all monsters
The last monster to sight, the Lavasioth, is in the fiery area of the Elder's Recess.

The final monster you must sight to complete your first adventure into the Elder’s Recess is the Lavasioth, a lava monster found in the lower level of the Elder’s Recess. Head to Areas 10 and 11 for a chance to discover this fire-based creature. Be careful, these areas are like that of a volcano, dealing you sustained fire damage while you’re near them.

With all three monsters sighted, you should complete the “Sight all monsters in the Elder’s Recess” sub-task for this main quest. It’s not a very difficult quest, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t know where to find the monsters and are having trouble sighting them in the wild. Take some time to stop by our Monster Hunter World guide for more helpful material and explanations, such as what do Lucky Vouchers do?

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