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Vampyr Hungers for June Release Date

After a brief delay, DontNod Entertainment's next game is just about ready to feed.


While Life is Strange carried on with a prequel from a different studio, original LiS developer DontNod Entertainment has been hard at work on a very different type of game. The action-RPG Vampyr has had a few setbacks, missing its 2017 target, but a video released Thursday indicates that the game is just about finished and has a release date at the ready.

DontNod concluded its four-part episodic webseries, going inside the making of Vampyr. To conclude its series, members of the DontNod team spoke about the main differences between video games and other forms of media, most notably how player agency makes gaming a more interactive way of enjoying a narrative.

"What I'm interested in, as a game director, are immersive, atmospheric games, in which players truly embody their characters," said Vampyr game director Philippe Moreau. "Not only that, I greatly value strong gameplay mechanics. This is what differentiates video games from other entertainment for me. It's the relationship with the controller, which is crucial."

Vampyr will follow Dr. Jonathan Reid in 1918 London, as he lives his existence as a vampire. He needs to sustain himself, so he's able to feed on anybody in the game. That includes characters that may be critical to the plot, which adds a greater sense of consequence to his actions.

Vampyr is set to arrive on June 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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