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Repel A Human Invasion In Attack of the Earthlings

Team Junkfish's blood-spattered strategy title sees players fueling their invasion with the flesh of their enemies.


It would be difficult to catalog the number of video games that have released through the years which touch on the subject of alien invasion. Titles with this plot device span everything from first-person shooters to puzzle titles, and sometimes even feature the choice for the player to take on the role of the invading extraterrestrials. Far-out as that might sound, developer Team Junkfish has gone one step further, as their new strategy game Attack of the Earthlings puts players in control of an alien horde trying to defend its home planet against a swarm of human invaders.

Attack of the Earthlings takes place on Planet X13, a remote and distant rock in the outer reaches of space. An Earth-led expedition into space by the Galactoil corporation has managed to reach the planet, where humans then opted to land a massive space drill in an attempt to mine the planet for its precious resources. What the humans didn't count on was the presence of the Swarmers, a fierce race of alien creatures determined and even delighted to draw blood to protect their home planet.

The title presents its own unique blend of gameplay that sees stealth-based action joined together with elements of strategy and unit upgrading. And, in a rather interesting twist, the main resource that the aliens must gather comes in the form of freshly-slain biological matter that can be used to speed up the evolution of the aliens. To put it another way, players will be tasked with collecting human flesh in order to upgrade their units, a task that should be made more simple considering the rapid influx of human invaders.

Taking down the opposition is possible through a selection of maneuvers that will be instantly recognizable to well-traveled alien invaders, including the likes of popping out of vents and lockers as well as ambushing groups that find themselves lured into inescapable environments. Eventually, players will be tasked with climbing up the planetary drill and destroying members of the Galactoil corporation's upper management team.

Players looking to jump into Team Junkfish's fresh twist on strategic action can pick up Attack of the Earthlings right now via Steam, where it runs for the temporarily-discounted cost of just $22.49. Players on other platforms shouldn't be too far behind, either, as the team has revealed that Attack of the Earthlings will also be landing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer.

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