Rayquaza and More Gen 3 Pokemon Fly into Pokemon GO Tomorrow

The last of the three major Legendaries from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire is set to inhabit Pokemon Gyms, starting tomorrow.


Another batch of Pokemon out of the Hoenn region are about to hit Pokemon GO. With Gym Raids already opening up to Groudon and Kyogre, that means there's only one big-time Legendary from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire left to catch and that's the air dragon Rayquaza.

Look for third generation Pokemon like Salamence, Altaria, and Metagross to pop up during Wild encounters starting this Friday, February 9. But they won't be around for long, with the Pokemon GO website stating they'll only be around until February 13. That means don't cancel your Valentine's Day plans to capture a Tropius.

If you're going to cancel your Valentine's Day plans for anything, it's to catch that Rayquaza. That Raid Battle will also be available starting tomorrow, but the powerful dragon will inhabit Gyms until March 16. February 14 will also be the last day to catch a Kyogre in a Pokemon Gym, because Niantic doesn't care for romance.

Special boxes will also be available from the in-game shop for a limited time. These will contain Raid Passes, Incubators, Star Pieces, and more. Lure Modules will also be more effective ("Super Effective," if you will) until February 23, lasting six hours, as opposed to the normal 30 minutes.

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