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Injustice 2 February Patch 1.16 Buffs Poison Ivy and Others, Declaws Catwoman

It's a good day for the lower-tier characters in Injustice 2, but a black cat has crossed Selina Kyle's path on her way to the February balance patch.


There's been a lot of news for Injustice 2 lately regarding a certain band of reptiles. There's been a lot of buzz about the imminent arrival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Shacknews Best Fighting Game of 2017. But NetherRealm is giving some love to the rest of the fighter's roster with February's balance patch.

The key changes are going to Catwoman. She's getting the nerf bat in terms of her combos, which won't do as much meter damage. Other combos that used to bounce the opponent for longer combos will now simply do a straight knockdown. Her Back-Heavy now covers less range, as well. This was not a good day for Catwoman.


  • Increased combo damage scaling on her normal attacks which allowed for follow up combos
  • Tom Cat (Light, Towards + Medium) has 5 less frames of block stun with less pushback and has 9 more miss recovery frames
  • Safe Cracker (Hard, Hard, Away + Medium) now has 16 startup frames (down from 19) and causes a splat knockdown on hit while having 14 more recovery frames on hit and 6 more recovery frames on block/miss
  • Kitty-Cornered (Hard, Hard, Hard) is now a high block and has 1 more frame of recovery
  • Tail Spin (Away + Hard) now has 26 startup frames (up from 23) and had its attack range slightly reduced

But while Catwoman has been bopped, some chracters have gotten some noticeable buffs. This includes Sub-Zero getting a slightly faster start-up on his Ice Blast, a safer opening combo string, and an improved jumping medium kick. Cyborg gets a more impactful Air Drone character power, which bounces opponents for longer combos. There are new cancels for Grodd's Stampede special, along with a faster Mind Control start-up.

And lastly, there's Poison Ivy. She got a few more buffs to go along with what she got in the last patch. The biggest addition is her Bed of Thorns special move, which now does additional base damage. On top of that, it will not only disable the opponent's jump, but it will damage them if they even try.

Poison Ivy

  • Snap Trap (Down + Light) has its hit region adjusted, has 2 more cancel advantage frames and recovery 2 frames faster
  • The Chompy & Bitey Bash special move now has a Meter Burn
  • Datura Hammer Meter Burn now has 3 more frames of block stun on the first 4 hits
  • Bed of Thorns now does 4 base damage in total (up from 2)
  • Bed of Thorns Meter Burn now does 6 base damage in total (up from 4)
  • Bed of Thorns and the Meter Burn now do damage to the opponent if they jump out of its area of effect

Those are just a few examples of the balance tweaks issued to the Injustice 2 fighters. The full list of balance changes and bug fixes can be found on the Injustice 2 website. For a more visual demonstration, check out the archived Watchtower stream below.

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