First Annual GDC Film Festival Schedule Revealed

This year's Game Developers Conference will also feature the first annual GDC Film Festival and the full schedule of documentaries has been revealed.


While the annual Game Developers Conference is set to host gaming creators from around the world for informative panels and the like, this year's GDC is going to offer something new. This year will kick off a new annual tradition with the GDC Film Festival.

Here's the full schedule for the first GDC Film Festival, which will take place inside the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' Screening Room in downtown San Francisco (all times in PT):

Monday, March 19 (International Spotlight)

  • Branching Paths (Directed by Anne Ferrero) - 2:10PM
  • Moleman 4 - Longplay (Directed by Szilárd Matusik) - 4:40PM, Q&A held afterwards
  • Indie Games in China (Directed by Heting Chen) - 7:30PM, Q&A held afterwards

Tuesday, March 20 (Webseries Spotlight)

  • The CheckPoint Series: Feature - 2:10PM, Q&A held afterwards
  • Outerlands: A Selection From Season One” + Work In Progress Screening - 4:40PM, Q&A held afterwards
  • Noclip: Horizon: Zero Dawn” + Work In Progress Screening - 7:30PM, Q&A held afterwards

Wednesday, March 21 (Arcade History Spotlight)

  • Touching Sounds (Directed by Nicholas Dobkin) - 2:00PM, Q&A held afterwards
  • The Lost Arcade (Directed by Kurt Vincent) - 4:40PM
  • Insert Coin: Inside Midway's 90s Revolution (Directed by Josh Tsui) - 8:50PM

More information on the first annual GDC Film Festival can be found on the Game Developers Conference website. This year's Game Developers Conference will be held on the week of March 19-23.

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