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Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Finally Heading To Android Devices

Capcom's popular fighter has at last broken free of its iOS bonds.


Street Fighter V might be all the rage right now among fighting game enthusiasts, but there is still plenty of life left in Street Fighter IV, the previous-generation of the iconic fighting series. In particular, the mobile entry Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition has gained a lot of traction as being a suitable alternative to the full-console fighting experience, just slimmed-down to fit and function on iOS devices. Now, after kicking around the Apple arena for about six months, the team at Capcom are finally read to bring the Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition experience to Android devices.

Not only does Champion Edition present a straightforward and more user-friendly way of enjoying the Street Fighter IV experience, the Android version in particular is going to get a special cherry on top: the exclusive availability of fan-favorite fighter Dan, the hilariously inept practictioner of the "Saikyo" martial art. It's not totally clear at this time what sort of exclusive Dan will remain, i.e. whether he'll be truly Android exclusive or just a timed exclusive addition, but his inclusion is entertaining either way.

Unlike the iOS version of the game, which was offered as a straight-up $4.99 download, the Android version of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will be at first offered as a free-to-play download, with the rest of the game tucked away behind a $4.99 in-app purchase. In the free version, players will be able to use single character Ryu in order to be able to face off against AI opponents in control of either Chun-Li, Guile, or Zangief. Those who pay to unlock the full game will eventually gain access to 25 different characters, as well as a traditional Arcade mode and head-to-head battles via online multiplayer.

Players who aren't sure how they'd like to play a fighting game with virtual controls can also rest easy, as Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition has full integration and support for Bluetooth and MFi-compatible game controllers. The game is expected to release for Android later this month, but fans who want to get a jump on the action can head over to this webpage in order to join the pre-registration list.

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