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Monster Hunter World - How to Get Vespoid Innerwing

Getting your hands on Vespoid Innerwing isn't as easy as finding a few Vespoid.


When you finally unlock high rank content in Monster Hunter World, you’ll be faced with lots of new material that you need to collect to craft higher rarity items. Some of this process is just fighting and collecting, as you’ve been doing all along, and some is going to require a bit more finesse. Getting your hands on Vespoid Innerwing, while not difficult, means taking the approach of a scalpel, not a hammer.

Last updated on March 6, 2020 at 2:56 p.m. EST.

How to Get Vespoid Innerwing

Vespoid Innerwing Monster Hunter World

The first step to collecting Vespoid Innerwing is to find yourself a group of Vespoid. Luckily, Vespoid are found in the Ancient Forest. The catch, however, is that you must be engaged in High Rank content for the Vespoid Innerwing to drop. This can be an expedition, or any quest, just so long as it’s considered high rank. Killing and carving Vespoid while participating in low rank content will not get you the Vespoid Innerwing that you seek.

Once you've located a group of Vespoid and you’re certain you’re engaged in High Rank content, think about using Redpit as your slinger ammo. Vespoid are small, look like a wasp or dragonfly, and are easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. If you smack them with a large weapon, such as the Great Sword, you will often turn them into dust, missing the opportunity to carve their bodies for Vespoid Innerwing. If you want to make your life easier, use the Entomologist skill. This skill has three levels, each increasing the odds of a corpse being left when you slay something, and Entomologist Level 3 guaranteeing a corpse will be left behind. This can be done through jewls slotted into your gear, or the Insect Charm 3.

Lock on to the flying Vespoid with your slinger by holding L3 on the PS4 or LT on the Xbox One. It will take about three hits with your Redpit ammo to bring one down, but it should fall to the forest floor in one piece. From there, approach and carve the Vespoid carcass and you will have a shot at getting the Vespoid Innerwing. Redpit works because you often can't reach these flying insects with your weapon, depending on the weapon.

Vespoid Innerwing is not the most common item to receive from carving a Vespoid, so don’t be surprised if you kill and carve more than 20 to get the material you seek. I would suggest looking for High Rank Vespoid investigations in Astera and then launching one solo, as this will also get you paid while you’re out there collecting crafting materials. Making Zenny is always a priority as well, right?

You must have more questions beyond where you can find Vespoid Innerwing, which is why we have been hard at work on the Shacknews Monster Hunter World guide.

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