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Injustice 2 Stream Explains Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Moves

Wednesday's Injustice 2 Watchtower stream explained how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will function, while also revealing a release date for the Heroes in a Half-Shell.


Earlier on Wednesday, NetherRealm unveiled the first gameplay trailer centered around Injustice 2's last DLC character(s), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Key questions were answered with the trailer's reveal, including how the Turtles are going to work as a single selection.

As noted by Warner Bros. and NetherRealm, the idea will be to select the Turtles and then select any one of the four brothers in tournament mode. Each one will have their own distinct special moves, character powers, style, and quips. Casual players will be utilizing the gear customization system to select their character. Equipping their Turtle loadout with either the katana, bo staff, nunchucks, or double sai will determine whether players go into battle with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Raphael.

As noted earlier this week, NetherRealm took to its Twitch channel on Wednesday afternoon to explain more about how the Turtles will function and what they bring to the Injustice 2 table.

As one would expect, the Turtles string together ninja moves, but the four Turtles are about 20 percent different from one another. For example, each of the Turtles can combo from overheads into a sweep, but with different properties, like different transitions or block resistance.

Special moves include a rolling ball (The Shell-icopter) that goes across the screen, which can be Meter Burned to combo with a throw. Each Turtle also has a dive kick and can call in one of their teammates for additional hits with the Meter Burned version. They also have a "Shell Drop" move that bounces them across the screen and has them drop down above their opponents. The Meter Burned version will bounce their opponent off the ground for juggles and combos.

Going into individual Turtles, Leonardo has a quick rising uppercut, which slices his opponent. He also has a "shredder" move (not a "Shredder" move, wocka wocka) that has him slice forward for multiple hits. Leonardo's character power allows him to call one of his brothers for an assist. They'll toss a projectile forward or come in for a big sweep. The Raphael assist is particularly notable because none of the Turtles have actual projectile special moves.

Donatello has a long-range low hit, which allows him to string together multiple combos. He's a riskier character choice, since all of his combo starters are punishable on block. But if his combos hit, they can hit for high damage. Donny's character power has him lay down a bug zapper, which can absorb projectiles, suck in his opponent, or electrify the ground for minimal damage. The latter version of the character move can also prevent the opponent from jumping, which leaves him open to airborn attacks.

Michelangelo is an aggressive high-pressure character, able to string together multiple hits with his nunchucks. These are more difficult to block because he'll toss in an overhead somewhere in the middle of his standard combos. Mikey can use his "High Nunchuck Fury," which has him charge forward and bop his opponent with multiple nunchuck strikes. He can also breakdance (He's breakdance fighting!) to go low. Mikey's character power puts him on his jet-powered skateboard. He can kick the skateboard at his opponent's face, go in and sweep low, or move in for an overhead.

Raphael strings together trickier moves, in which he can perform simpler combos from up front and end up behind his foe. He's also got some dangerous parries that can be strung together for combos. Raph's character power is an auto combo, which is invincible as a wake-up attack. He can also Meter Burn it to string together a longer combo, though the Meter Burn version can also be cancelled.

The stream also revealed multiple Gear pieces that grant additional special moves, both designed for all the Turtles as a whole and also for the Turtles individually. The Turtles also get various lore-based Gear pieces which throw back to various Turtle eras, including a Donatello outfit that harkens back to an old TMNT/Batman crossover.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are available as part of Fighter Pack #3 and the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition. They're set to arrive this Tuesday, February 13. A new balance patch is also set to deploy at some point tonight.

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