Slice, Dice, and Rice Swinging Onto PlayStation 4

Dojo Games' one-hit fighter is soon to find a new home on Sony hardware.


When thinking about fighting games, it's hard not to focus on the classics. After all, many a fighting game fan has found themselves drawn to a particular style or series, be it Street Fighter or Soul Calibur or anything in between. Sometimes breaking out of that mold means trying out a new game, perhaps one that thinks outside of the box. Fortunately, Polish independent developer Dojo Games has produced just such a title in its one-hit focused fighter Slice, Dice, and Rice, which is gearing up to launch on the PlayStation 4.

Slice, Dice, and Rice is a fighting game that takes a markedly different approach to combat: instead of using health bars, combatants only need to land single fatal hits. Smaller blows, such as striking or glancing hits, are enough to disable a fighter for the duration of the round, but the main focus is to end the fight in one swift motion. To see how this works in action, check out the game's latest trailer, featured below.

Dojo Games' fighter has a number of different features that players can use to their advantage in battle, including options to parry, cancel, and other defensive maneuvers. There are also 8 different characters, each with their own fighting styles and unique campaign stories, as well as six different fighting arenas.

The game is being brought to Sony hardware by Arc System Works, the developer and publisher behind fighting titles like the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of games. Players can expect to see it hit the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, February 14. No price for the game has yet been mentioned, but Slice, Dice, and Rice will likely run for $9.99, the same as it costs on Steam.

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