New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Show Up At Japanese Art Gallery

It sounds like the upcoming remake is in the process of getting a makeover of its own.


Usually, an announcement of new screenshots comes with a gallery of, well, screenshots. In this case, all there is to go on is word of mouth that these Final Fantasy VII Remake shots are real. Recently a Final Fantasy "Farewell Stories" 30th Anniversary event that was held at Tokyo's Mori Arts Center showed off four brand new screenshots. 

There are a few first-hand accounts from twitter fans that were present during the event, and they claim that Cloud's design has been changed in some noticeable ways. According to FFVII Remake's development lead, Naoki Hamaguchi said the changes were made so that the design was more in line with the original concept art.

According to Gematsu, attendees took to Twitter to describe what they saw. If they're to be believed, the images showed off Cloud and other members of Avalanche. Biggs was described as being "super handsome", fans said Wedge was "refreshingly chubby", and that Jessie is "cute". Main man Cloud was said to have "an immaturity suitable for his age" and that he's "handsome". Witnesses claim there have been dramatic changes to the graphics and design since the first trailers came out a few years ago. 

Fans who are interested in checking out the Farewell Stories exhibit while it's at the Mori Arts Center they have until February 28. Final Fantasy VII Remake is planned to release for the PS4 at some point in the nearish future. We should get at least one or two new screenshots to show you before then. 

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