Ancestors Legacy Open Beta Starts Today, Xbox One Launch Details Revealed

Our PAX South Best of Show has a release date and an official additional home on the Xbox One. You can also play the open beta for free right now.


Ancestors Legacy brings some Viking intensity to the RTS genre in a way modeled after Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes series. Instead of driving around tanks and shooting a multitude of rifles at each other, though, you'll be sacking villages with arrows and engaging in melee skirmishes. The new title from Destructive Creations earned our Best of Show at PAX South this year and will be launching on PC and Xbox One May 22, 2018. If you want to get your hands on it now, though, the free open beta has gone live today.

Destructive Creations took to Ancestors Legacy's Steam page to reveal the release date and some pre-order details. Grabbing it early will net you a digital artbook with concept art and history-inspired story cinematics and a digital soundtrack created by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz. The team also debuted the trailer below, which features in-game footage and builds some hype for the four playable nations.

In Ancestors Legacy, you'll engage in a single-player campaign influenced by historical events in the Middle Ages. In multiplayer, you'll choose from four nations and take on other players or AI. The gameplay focuses more on the squad-based battles across battlefields, but features a resource and tech-tree system that's relatively simple to manage when compared to other games in the RTS genre. The game also features a close-up camera that gives you a tight look into combat as your squads clash.

The link to download the multiplayer open beta for Ancestors Legacy is available on the Steam page. If you've been playing in closed testing, the new beta will welcome a lot more competition and also adds AI bots. Reported by WCCFTech, Ancestors Legacy's Xbox One version will run with Native 4K on Xbox One X and the developers are considering crossplay. The developer does explain that cross-play between Steam and Xbox Live players may be out of reach, but PC players on Xbox Live and Xbox One users should be able to play each other. 

Ancestors Legacy arrives May 22 on Xbox One and PC. It currently has a prepurchase offer for $40.49, but will cost $44.99 at launch.

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