Monster Hunter World - All Armor Sets

A list of all the various armor sets you can unlock in Monster Hunter World.


Decking your hunter out in kickass armor is what makes Monster Hunter World so damn addictive. Every time you spot a new monster or pick up a certain piece of material, a new armor will be added to the Smithy for you to work toward. With so much to unlock, it can be difficult to know if you’re missing anything. Below are all the armor sets you’ll find in Monster Hunter World.

All Armor in Monster Hunter World

There are dozens of different armor sets to unlock in Monster Hunter World, and the following list will continue to grow and expand as we uncover more of the difficult-to-acquire pieces. Armor is split into two different categories, Low Rank armor and High Rank armor. Make sure you know how to unlock High Rank armor, else you won’t be able to become the most powerful hunter you can be!

Low Rank Armor

Low Rank armor will be your go-to for your early hunting days, at least until you gain access to the High Rank armor. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any, Low Rank armor is vital to your survival, as is upgrading it.

Note: For the images below, the hunter has an Airborne Level 1 decoration in the weapon and a Stun Resistance Level 1 Charm.


The Leather armor is a starting set that offers Hunger Resistance as a skill.


Chainmail is another armor set in Monster Hunter World that is offered at the start. This simple set comes with Master Gatherer as a skill.


The Hunter’s armor is a noticeable set up in quality as it offers a host of skills: BBQ Master, Slinger Capacity, Stealth, Scoutfly Range Up, and Scenthound.


The Bone armor is an early-game armor set you’ll unlock by simply search through bonepiles in the Ancient Forest. This set of armor is one of the best early-game sets, which you might find yourself using for a considerable amount of time, given its decent skills and all-around powerful stats. The Bone armor offers Attack Boost, Health Boost, Slugger, Horn Maestro, and Entomologist skills.


The Vespoid armor is unlocked by hunting the Vespoid small monsters in Monster Hunter World. The Vespoid armor set offers: Paralysis Resistance, Windproof, Paralysis Attack, Quick Sheath, and Honey Hunter.


The Kestodon armor is simply a pair of gauntlets and is unlocked by killing Kestodons. This set of arms offers Affinity Sliding as its one and only perk.


The Gajau armor is only a pair of boots with Aquatic Expert Level 1, and can be earned by killing the Gajau fish on Wildspire Waste.


The Jagras armor set is unlocked after killing the Great Jagras in the Ancient Forest and offers the Fortify skill, Speed Eating, Palico Rally, Speed Crawler, and Intimidator.


The Kulu armor is unlocked by hunting the Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Ancient Forest. This armor offers Fire Resistance, Critical Eye, Stamina Surge, Item Prolonger, and Pro Transporter.


Alloy armor offers a few good skills for the early-game: Poison Resistance, Windproof, Defense Boost, Water Resistance, and Speed Sharpening.


The Pukei armor can be unlocked by hunting the Pukei-Pukei in the Ancient Forest. This armor has Poison Resistance, Poison Attack, Item Prolonger, Botanist, and Sporepuff Expert skills.


As the name suggests, this armor is unlocked after hunting the Barroth in the Wildspire Waste. This armor offers Stun Resistance, Muck Resistance, Stamina Thief, Marathon Runner, and Guard.


The Jyura armor set is earned by killing the Jyuratodus in the Wildspire Waste. This armor set is especially helpful when trying to take down water-based enemies. The skills on offer are: Muck Resistance, Ice Resistance, Water Attack, Focus, and Aquatic Expert.


The Kadachi armor is unlocked by hunting the Tobi-Kadachi in the Ancient Forest. This set of armor offers Thunder Resistance, Thunder Attack, Constitution, Evade Extended, and Jump Master skills.

High Metal

The High Metal armor offers a few decent skills for the ranged hunters: Earplugs, Defense boost, Ice Resistance, Capacity Boost, and Heavy Artillery.

King Beetle

Acquiring the King Beetle armor in Monster Hunter World is a bit of a mystery, but it’s possible it’s earned through cultivating beetles at the Botanical Research Center. The skills on the King Beetle armor are: Leap of Faith, Evade Window, Quick Shealth, Honey Hunter, and Forager’s Luck.


The Shamos are simply a pair of schmick looking glasses offering a single perk: Detector. This skill shows rare gathering points on the map.


The Hornetaur armor is unlocked by killing the Hornetaur bugs in the Rotten Vale. The Hornetaur armor set offers Dungmaster, Effluvial Expert, Handicraft, Free Meal, and Carving Pro skills.


The Anja armor is unlocked by hunting an Anjanath and offers some excellent skills as well as the Set Bonus. Fire Resistance, Fire Attack, Special Ammo Boost, Artillery, and Marathon Runner are the standard armor skills, and when wearing 3 pieces of the Anja set, you’ll receive Adrenaline. This skill temporarily reduces stamina depletion when health is at 40% or lower.


The Rathian armor is unlocked by hunting the Rathian in the Ancient Forest (not to be confused with the Rathalos). This armor offers a few enticing skills: Poison Resistance, Health Boost, Recovery Up, Poison Attack, and Botanist.


The Tzitzi armor is unlocked by hunting the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. This armor offers Sleep Resistance, Stun Resistance, Constitution, Wide-Range, and Blindsider skills.


The Lumu armor is earned by hunting the Paolumu in the Coral Highlands. This armor set boasts Windproof, Master Mounter, Artillery, Stamina Surge, and Diving Blessing skills. Plus, you look like some sort of arctic sea captain.


The Girros armor can be unlocked by slaying the Great Girros in the Rotten Vale. This armor offers Paralysis Resistance, Effluvial Expert, Paralysis Attack, Horn Maestro, and Palico Rally as its skills.


The Baan armor is unlocked after hunting the Radobaan. This set of armor in Monster Hunter World has Sleep Resistance, Bleeding Resistance, Sleep Attack, Slugger, and Guard, all at Level 1.


The Ingot armor set in Monster Hunter World offers Windproof, Defense Boost, Health Boost, Thunder Resistance, and Thunder Attack skills.


The Legiana armor is unlocked by hunting the Legiana in the Coral Highlands. This armor set offers Ice Resistance, Ice Attack, Airborne, Evade Window, and Divine Blessing skills.


The Odogaron, a personal favorite of mine, is earned by hunting the Odogaron in the Rotten Vale. This armor boasts Bleeding Resistance, Critical Eye, Constitution, Quick Sheath, Speed Sharpening, and the Odogaron Power skill when three pieces of armor are equipped. This skill is known as Punshing Draw, which adds a stun effect to draw attacks and slightly increases attack power.


The Rathalos armor is unlocked by hunting the Rathalos wyvern in the Ancient Forest (not to be confused with the Rathian). This armor has Attack Boost, Fire Resistance, Fire Attack, Weakness Exploit, and Jump Master skills, as well as the Rathalos Power skill. This skill is called Critical Element, which increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits.


The Diablos armor is one of the last sets of armor in the Low Rank sections, and is one of the more difficult ones to acquire. You’re going to need to hunt a Diablos to get this set, so make sure you know how to kill the Diablos. The Diablos armor has Tremor Resistance, Critical Draw, Slugger, Heroics, and Marathon Runner, along with the Bludgeoner Set Bonus Skill when three pieces of armor are equipped. The Bludgeoner raises attack damage as your weapon loses sharpness, while also boosting ranged weapon melee attacks and odds of stunning.

High Rank Armor

The High Rank armor in Monster Hunter World is separated into two different types, alpha and beta, as indicated by the α or β beside their name. The alpha versions will always have higher levelled armor skills, while the beta version will always have lower armor skills. However, all the beta versions have slots available for gems and decorations, allowing you to customize your build to a greater degree.

Leather α

The Leather armor is a starting armor set, upgraded to High Rank levels. This set offers Hunger Resistance Level 2 along with Recover Speed, Fire Resistance, Stamina Surge, and Cliffhanger Level 1.

Leather β

The beta version of the Leather armor set loses all the skills except for Hunger Resistance.

Chainmail α

The High Rank Chainmail armor doesn’t offer much by way of skills, as all are at level one. It can be an alright set if you’re struggling to find resources for some of the more robust additions, though you won’t stick with it for long. The skills on offer are: Recovery Up, Recovery Speed, Water Resistance, Guard, Quick Steath, and Master Gatherer.

Chainmail β

The beta Chainmail armor set only offers a single skill, Master Gatherer.

Hunter’s α

The Hunter’s armor is a low-end High Rank armor set in Monster Hunter World, but it does have some nice skills. Slinger Capacity Level 3, Stealth Level 3, as well as Master Gatherer, Scoutfly Range Up, Scholar, and Scenthound, all Level 1.

Hunter’s β

The beta Hunter’s armor misses out on the Scholar skill, which speeds up progress on research levels and special investigations.

Bone α

The Bone armor in Monster Hunter World is likely going to be your go-to for the late game, and by the time you unlock the High Rank gear, you might already be familiar with another build you wish to attain. In saying that, the Bone set offers Attack Boost Level 3 and Entomologist Level 3, along with four other skills.

Bone β

The beta version of the Bone armor lacks the Master Fisher skill, though it does offer the aforementioned slots.

Alloy α

The alpha Alloy armor set offers a host of improvements over the beta version, including Water Resistance Level 3 and Speed Sharpening Level 3, among other skills.

Alloy β

Alloy beta armor set is considerably worse than its alpha counterpart.

King Beetle α

The King Beetle alpha armor has Botanist Level 4, Evade Window and Quick Sheath Level 3, Leap of Faith, Honey Hunter, and Forager’s Luck Level 1.

King Beetle β

The beta version of the King Beetle has Evade Window, Quick Sheath, and Botanist Level 2, Honey Hunter and Forager’s Luck Level 1, and loses the Leap of Faith ability.

Vespoid α

The Vespoid alpha armor has Paralysis Resistance and Paralysis Attack Level 3, Windproof Level 2, as well as Quick Sheath and Honey Hunter Level 1.s

Vespoid β

The Vespoid beta armor loses none of the skills, but they’re all reduced to Level 1.

Hornetaur α

Hornetaur β

Mosswine Mask α

The Mosswine Mask offers a single skill: Mushroomancer Level 2.

Kestodon α

The Kestodon alpha armor is just a set of gauntlets with Focus and Affinity Sliding Level 1.

Kestodon β

The Kestodon beta gauntlets lose the Focus skill but gain the ability to have slots.

Gajau α

The Gajau armor is simply a pair of boots with Aquatic Expert Level 2 and Water Attack Level 1.

Gajau β

Much the same as the alpha version, the Gajau beta boots offer the same skills, though at Level 1.

Shamos α

Shamos β

Jagras α

Jagras β

Kulu α

The Kulu alpha armor set in Monster Hunter World offers Critical Eye and Item Prolonger Level 3, Fire Resistance, Weakness Exploit, Stamina Surge, and Pro Transporter Level 1.

Kulu β

The beta version of Kulu has Weakness Exploit and drops the other skills down to Level 1.

Girros α

Girros β

Pukei α

The Pukei alpha armor set has Poison Attack, Botanist, and Sporepuff Expert at Level 3, Poison Resistance Level 2, and Item Prolonger Level 1.

Pukei β

The beta version of the High Rank Pukei armor retains all the skills of the alpha, but drops them to Level 1.

Barroth α

The Barroth armor offers Stamina Thief Level 3, Guard Level 3, as well as a few other skills.

Barroth β

The beta version of the Barroth armor is similar to the alpha version, just with reduced skill rating.

Anja α

The Anja armor set is based on the Anjanath monster in Monster Hunter World, and comes with a host of fire-focused skills. Fire Resistance Level 3 and Fire Attack Level 4 are some of the main draws for this armor, along with a set bonus of Anjanath Will. This armor set temporarily reduces stamina depletion when health is 40% or lower (2 armor pieces), and increases stamina cap (4 armor pieces).

Anja β

The Anja beta version armor offers the same armor set bonus, albeit without the overall skill benefits, though it does come with slots.

Jyura α

The Jyura set offers Water Attack Level 3, Aquatic Expert Level 3, Ice Resistance and Focus Level 2, and Muck Resistance Level 1.

Jyura β

The beta version of the Jyura armor has the same skills as the alpha version, but with all the skills at Level 1, aside from Water Attack, which sits at Level 2.

Lumu α

Lumu β

Rath Heart α

Rath Heart β

Baan α

The Baan armor set is a hulking mass that offers Bleeding Resistance Level 3, Sleep Attack Level 3, Guard Level 3, and Tremor Resistance Level 2.

Baan β

The beta version of Baan armor offers the same skills, at a reduced rate.

Gastodon α

Gastodon β

Barnos α

Barnos β

Dodogama α

Dodogama β

Zorah α

The Zorah alpha armor set offers a multitude of skills including: Blast Attack and Bombardier Level 3, along with Earplugs, Windproof, Tremor Resistance, Free Elem/Ammo Up, Handicraft, and Fortify Level 1, as well as the Zorah Magdaros Mastery, which increases abnormal status effect damage (paralysis, poison, sleep, blast) when landing critical hits.

Zorah β

The beta version of the Zorah armor set in Monster Hunter World offers fewer skills, but manages to retain the Zorah Magdaros Mastery (which requires 3 pieces of armor). The skills on offer are: Blast Attack and Bombardier Level 2, as well as Free Elem/Ammo up, Handicraft, and Fortify Level 1.

High Metal α

High Metal β

Ingot α

Ingot β

Brigade α

Brigade β

Faux Felyne α

Strategist α

Odogaron α

Odogaron β

Uragaan α

Uragaan β

Damascus α

Damascus β

Dober α

Dober β

Skull α

Nergigante α

Nergigante β

Dragonking α

There are quite a lot of armor sets to unlock as you progress through Monster Hunter World, and although you might not choose to wear a full set, it’s helpful to know what’s on offer. Some of the strongest armor is actually a mixture of several pieces to boost a particular aspect of your playstyle. Remember to check out our Monster Hunter World Guide for more helpful guides on collectible items.

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