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Detective Pikachu Amiibo Pre-Orders Go Live

It's just another day in Shacknews' ongoing fascination with a talking Pikachu who solves mysteries.


The game is afoot in March when Detective Pikachu makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. When the game was announced, a Detective Pikachu amiibo was also revealed, which would help players potentially unlock some clues to help solve their cases. That amiibo looks to be available for pre-order now.

As noted when the amiibo was first revealed, this Detective Pikachu amiibo is larger than the average figure. Because of that, the amiibo's price will reflect its larger size and go for $29.99, slightly more than the usual $12.99 price point for an average amiibo. The amiibo will unlock all Pika Prompt short clips from chapters that players have already completed, including ones that they might have missed.

Because Shacknews remains intrigued by this idea of an English-speaking Pikachu in a detective's hat who solves mysteries, we naturally wanted to give a heads-up that pre-orders are open on Amazon now. Both Detective Pikachu and the Detective Pikachu amiibo will release on March 23. And yes, there is still a Detective Pikachu movie in development.

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