BattleEye Banned Over One Million PUBG Cheaters In January

This is a huge development, but the company also revealed that the cheating problem continues to escalate. 


When it comes to how to stay alive in PUBG, cheaters can make all your planning completely irrelevant. There's nothing more disappointing than getting taken out by someone using a tool to get a major advantage in such a competitive experience and PUBG Corp understands they need to spend resources to squash this. BattleEye, the company that supplies PUBG with its anti-cheat software, revealed that it banned over one million cheaters in January, but the problem continues to grow.

BattleEye hasn't revealed specifics on the bans, which is likely a smart move. Considered the gold standard of anti-cheat, it wouldn't be smart to give cheaters full insight into the blocked exploits because that would give them a better idea of how to work around them.

PUBG Corp revealed a little about their new anti-cheat measures that were included in the latest patch and, personally, I'm having a slightly better experience when it comes to running into cheaters. What about you Chatty community?

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