Puzzle Puppers Slinking Onto Nintendo Switch

Stretchy dogs and juicy treats await in the Switch's latest puzzler.


There are two generic human archetypes that apply to nearly everyone in the world: those that can appreciate the loyalty and affection offered by dogs, and those that have been somehow tricked into a bizarre affinity for cats. While those in the latter camp might be considered aliens by those in the former, it's likely that both will be able to appreciate Puzzle Puppers, the cutesy and family-friendly puzzle title that's soon to make its leap onto the Nintendo Switch.

Developed and published by Cardboard Keep, Puzzple Puppers is a lightweight indie title that presents its colorful gameplay from an isometric perspective. In it, players are tasked with stretching pastel-colored dogs in order to reach their food bowl, with bonuses award to canines who are able to secure a selection of juicy ham treats along the way. The game presents 80 different levels for players to teste their prowess, and interesting touches like portals and rivers help keep the action fresh. Check out some of the title's gameplay in the trailer featured below.

Puzzle Puppers has been trotting around the PC and Mac scene for a while, with the Steam page for the game indicating a release date back in January of 2017. Like many other studios, Cardboard Keep is keen to bring the game to the Switch, a device that seems perfectly suited to smaller indepedently-developed titles. From where we're sitting, that's just fine. Players can look forward to getting their mangy paws on the stretchy treat-filled experience when Puzzle Puppers releases for the Nintendo Switch on February 20, where it will run for the approachable price of just $4.99.

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