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Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage Will Let Players Make Their Own DIY Projects

It turns out that the upcoming project kits will allow players to think outside the included cardboard boxes.


When Nintendo revealed their new maker-focused product, the Nintendo Labo it was unclear if there would be any products beyond the initial offering of robot-punching backpacks and cardboard pianos. Now it would appear that the company has plans for the Labo software beyond the first wave of Labo products in the form of the Toy-Con Garage.

According to Polygon, Nintendo revealed the functionality earlier today at a behind-closed-doors press conference. Every Labo will come with its own Toy-Con accessories that will allow consumers to make use of the Labo kits in their own creative ways and let them design their own projects that can be used with any old cardboard lying around. Toy-Con Garage software will let players draw up their own blueprints and set functions for their Joy-Con controllers and the Switch console itself.

Apparently, some of the more maker-oriented creations shown off at the press conference were a vending machine, a table tennis game, and a functioning guitar. Nintendo has yet to show off any of this functionality to the public, so it waits to be seen how well all of these devices work, but it would be a rather impressive tool for creative kids of all ages if Toy-Con’s functionality is as versatile as claimed.

Nintendo will be releasing the Labo on April 20, so fans still have plenty of time to get their best ideas ready. 

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