Arms - How to Access Tournament Mode

Now that Tournament Mode is available in Arms, how can one go about pulling it up?


Arms has reached Update 5.1 on Wednesday, January 31, which officially adds Tournament Mode to Nintendo's fighter. The idea here is to unlock all Arms for all characters, in case anybody is throwing a pro esports tournament or throwing a party where everybody just wants to play with everything.

So now let's take a look at how to access this new game mode.

Accessing Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode in Arms isn't too difficult to bring up, but for anyone that needs a refresher, here's how to do it.

Simply hit the Right Control Stick, L, and R simultaneously. This will cause the main menu to black out as the Tournament Mode interface loads up. When the main menu returns, only the following game modes will be available:

  • Versus
  • Friends
  • Local

Single-player and online game modes will be disabled for as long as Tournament Mode stays on. Any records set while in Tournament Mode will not be recorded. And while it sounds fun to just play at home with unlocked Arms, players will not be able to earn in-game currency. This means players will not be able to earn towards unlocking Gallery art or anything else tied to Arms' currency.

To return to the standard Normal Mode, hit the Right Control, L, and R again.

Now that Tournament Mode is unlocked, feel free to experiment with the fighters and the dozens of Arms available. Remember that there are thousands of fighter and Arms combinations available.

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