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Arms Update 5.1 Adds Tournament Mode for Esports and Parties

A new Arms update has been deployed and it's aimed at making sure everything's unlocked for anyone holding an esports tournament or anyone who just wants a big Arms party in their garage.


Last week, Nintendo hinted in a report that there were 'no plans' for any future Arms updates. On Wednesday evening, Nintendo announced the latest Arms update.

To be fair, this isn't entirely a "content update" in the sense of adding new characters, but it does add a new Tournament Mode. This is a special feature in which players can unlock all Arms for all characters, aimed at esports tournaments and house parties. While this does unlock everything, it does disable all of the game's single-player and Ranked modes, with players unable to earn badges, currency, or add to their records.

Other changes includes a new Gallery feature, in which players can unlock artwork through currency or by completing certain in-game requirements. There are also some new additions to Party Crash, which includes "the ultimate version of Hedlok," which sounds like trouble.

There are no big balance tweaks, but there are a few bug fixes for Dr. Coyle and a few Arms sets. For more on the Arms 5.1 update, visit the Nintendo website.

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