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Monster Hunter World - What Are Research Points

Research Points are used for a variety of tasks in Monster Hunter World, all of which help you become a better hunter.


There are a lot of mechanics in Monster Hunter World that aren’t taught to you right away, and one of the more puzzling features is the Research Point system. If you want to improve your skills at hunting monsters, you’re going to need to know what Research points are and how to use them.

What Are Research Points

Research Points are another form of currency in Monster Hunter World, and can be found in the pause menu at the top-right of the screen. They’re tracked right alongside your Zenny for easy comparison. Research Points are earned whenever you do anything while on a hunt, from capturing pets for your room to tracking a monster, and trapping a monster. As you amass points, you’re going to want to spend them on items and mechanics that will make your life as a hunter easier.

Research Points are used to purchase:

  • Palico equipment
  • Canteen food
  • Botanical Research Center fertilizer
  • Tailraider Safari missions
  • Melding Pot

Palico Equipment

monster hunter world palico equipment research points

Palico equipment can only be purchased using Research Points.

If you want to make your Palico a powerful combatant on the field, you’ll need to purchase your furry friend new weapons and armor, which requires Research Points. This can be accomplished at the Smithy.

Canteen Food

monster hunter world research points canteen

Meals can be purchased using Research Points instead of Zenny.

Though you can use Zenny for Canteen food, it can sometimes be a good idea to use Research Points, especially if you’re saving for a particularly expensive weapon or armor upgrade. The food is typically fairly cheap, only costing 100 Research Points.

Botanical Research Center

monster hunter world botanical research center research points

Fertilizer is going to cost you a few Research Points if you want to increase your yield at the Botanical Research Center.

The Botanical Research Center is unlocked later in the game and allows you to cultivate your own herbs and bugs, so you don’t have to worry about constantly searching for herbs while out on a hunt. It will cost you a few hundred Research Points if you want to fertilize the harvest in order to grow more at a quicker rate.

Tailraider Safari

Monster Hunter World research points tailraider safari

Sending out the Tailraider Safari is a great way to get more resources, though it will set you back some Research Points.

Out of the above uses for Research Points, the most expensive are the Tailraider Safari missions. These missions are unlocked later in the game, and allow you to send out a party of Palicoes that hunt monsters and collect items for you. However, these can cost anywhere up to and beyond 600 Research Points, depending on the difficulty of the mission.

Melding Pot

monster hunter world melding pot research points

Transforming items using the Melding Pot is the other mechanic that requires Research Points.

The Melding Pot is unlocked later into the game and gives you the opportunity to craft rare items by breaking down and consuming other items. Be sure to check out our guide on how the Melding Pot works for a complete rundown of everything you need to know.

How to Get Research Points

Research Points can be earned through doing just about everything in Monster Hunter World. Completing quests (Assignments, Investigations, Optional etc), finishing Bounties, tracking monsters and capturing monsters, even attacking a monster will earn you Research Points.

However, as you progress through Monster Hunter World, you’ll find that items become more expensive, so you will want to take every opportunity you can to collect as many Research Points wherever possible. For instance, even if you can see the monster you’re trying to hunt, continue to interact with its tracks, as these will help you earn points and will level up your Ecological Research, making it easier to track monsters in future hunts.

Research Points are a valuable resource in Monster Hunter World, so always try to have a good supply of them and do everything you can to earn more while on a hunt. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Guide for more information on game mechanics and features.

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