Monster Hunter World - What Is Silver Wyverian Print For?

Put the Silver Wyverian Print to good use in Monster Hunter World.


There are dozens, if not hundreds of collectible items in Monster Hunter World. From materials required to upgrade your gear to items needed for making potions, you’re constantly picking up new things. Then there’s the Silver Wyverian Print, which will no doubt leave you asking, what is this for and how do I use it?

What Is Silver Wyverian Print For?

Silver Wyverian Print in Monster Hunter World can be used at the Melding Pot in Astera in order to create a new item. The Melding Pot is a vendor that allows you to choose an item you wish to make, and then requires you to break down an item you own into points, which are then used to craft your selected item.

silver wyverian print monster hunter world
The Silver Wyverian Print is only used at the Melding Pot and is exchanged for Rathian Plate or Anjanath Plate.

Silver Wyverian Print can only be used to create two specific, and extremely rare, items: the Rathian Plate and Anjanath Plate, two items used in forging stronger weapons – much like Coral Cystal. Each of these require 200 points in order to meld, and the Silver Wyverian Print is valued at 100 points, you you’ll need two if you want a single piece of this material.

If you want to get your hands on more Silver Wyverian Print, you will need to complete the Limited Bounties you receive from the Resource Center in Astera. These are, as the name suggests, timed bounties that expire at the end of the week. Make sure you complete these bounties every week, else you’ll be missing out on this extremely precious resource.

Now that you know what Silver Wyverian Print is used for, be sure to swing by our Monster Hunter World Guide for more answers to your questions!

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