When Does The Sea of Thieves Closed Beta End?

Don't miss out on the final hours of the Sea of Thieves closed beta.


Game players who like to stay on top of the latest titles have surely at least heard about Sea of Thieves, the open-world pirate-themed adventure title from Rare that's currently playing host to an extended closed beta test. The game is such a fun experience that the Shacknews crew still doesn't seem able to get enough of it. All good things have to come to an end, of course, and in the case of the closed beta, the window of opportunity for players to live the pirate life is closing fast.

Start and End Times for the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

The Sea of Thieves closed beta kicked off back on January 24, and for US players, it's set to close tomorrow, January 31, at 2 a.m. Central or 3 a.m. Eastern time. This effectively means game fans only have until late tonight to get their fill of sailing and plundering before the Sea of Thieves beta once again goes dark. There won't be too long of a wait after that point, however, as Sea of Thieves is still set to release for Xbox One and PC on March 20.

Still haven't heard the buzz surrounding Sea of Thieves? Don't worry, we've got you covered — Shacknews has plenty of content for players looking to learn more about the game, including helpful guides on how to open chests as well as how to get around the frustrating Bronzebeard error. We've also got a selection of ten different songs sure to push nautical voyages to the next level, and last but not least, our overall impressions regarding the Sea of Thieves beta. Beyond that, also be sure to check out our extensive video coverage packed with Sea of Thieves gameplay, the likes of which can be found featured below.

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