Explore the West Side Piers in This Division 1.8 4K Gameplay Footage

Ubisoft and Massive’s latest update is a certified hit with players.


We are nearing the second anniversary of the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Since the game launched, it has gone through some major changes and received a host of updates and additions. As of the latest 1.8 update, the game is better than ever and players a returning to the game (or discovering it for the first time) in big numbers. Sadly, in these last two years, no one has successfully figured out what any of this has to do with Tom Clancy.

In new gameplay footage, we get a peak at one of the randomly generated mission types contained in the new West Side Piers area of the map. The West Side Piers marks the first real expansion of the city map since the game released. In this particular mission, we must hunt down 3 lieutenants scattered across several city blocks. Each of them is guarded by subordinates and the mission is run in the cold dark of night.

Enjoy this 4K capture recorded on PC at Ultra Settings below.

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