Monster Hunter World - Where to Find Warped Bone

Upgrade your weapons to deal more damage by finding and collecting Warped Bone in Monster Hunter World.


Upgrading your weapon is critical to your success as you progress through Monster Hunter World, but sometimes it can tough to find the materials you require. The Warped Bone is one upgrade material that can be downright frustrating to collect, especially if you don’t know where to find it.

Where to Find Warped Bone

Much like finding Earth Crystal or finding Coral Crystal, finding Warped Bone involves progressing through the main story until you reach a new section of the world, specifically, Rotten Vale. Once you reach Rotten Vale, you will be able to easily find and collect as much Warped Bone as you please.

warped bone monster hunter world

Warped Bone can be found in the bonepiles you see littered around the Rotten Vale. On the map these appear as yellow boxes with a question mark and can be looted three times before going on a cooldown, at which point you won’t be able to collect any bones for a few minutes. You should find several bonepiles around the map, making it relatively easy to collect as much Warped Bone as possible.

To make the process of farming for Warped Bone a bit more enjoyable, consider playing Expedition co-op with a friend, that way you can both complete Bounties and explore the world while checking off some of the more mundane tasks. In the meantime, check out our Monster Hunter World guide for more tips on where to find upgrade materials and explanations on different weapons.

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