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Patriots Outlast Eagles in Madden NFL Super Bowl LII Prediction

Madden is calling for a New England victory, although a second video game prognosticator is calling for a Philadelphia win.


Perhaps readers might have heard that there's some football game going down on Sunday. Super Bowl LII kicks off on February 4, with the New England Patriots facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles. As is tradition each year, The EA Sports Madden NFL franchise is doing its best to predict the outcome of the big game.

On Monday, EA sent out the results of its simulation. The Patriots prevailed over the Eagles by a close 24-20 margin. That sounds particularly stinging, since the Eagles went up 10-3 after one quarter, but gave up a pair of touchdowns in the second. With the Eagles leading in the fourth quarter, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady found Danny Amendola for a touchdown to take the lead.

The Eagles did attempt some last-second heroics, as Eagles safety Malcom Jennings forced a Dion Lewis fumble. But Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was unable to find anyone in the end zone, ultimately coming up empty looking for Alshon Jeffery as time expired.

Madden successfully called last year's Patriots Super Bowl victory, though no game could have predicted New England's wild comeback in that game. It's been a mixed bag prior to that. The year before, the annual simulation incorrectly picking the Carolina Panthers to beat the Denver Broncos. In 2016, another New England victory was successfully predicted. But that was preceded by predicting a Broncos Super Bowl win against the Seattle Seahawks, which... definitely did not happen.

But Madden isn't the only game taking part in the Super Bowl prediction game this year. Last week, the people behind the ongoing Tecmo Bowl emulation took a stab at calling the big game themselves. They have the Eagles winning in a 16-10 thriller. Want to see how that game turned out? Check out the video below.

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