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Where to find Vespoids in the Ancient Forest in Monster Hunter World.


For those that want specific sets of armor or charms, finding Vespoids in Monster Hunter World is going to be a goal. With so many different creatures and animals to hunt, it can be difficult to know where to find a specific monster. The Vespoids can be tough to locate, especially for the first Investigation. Beyond the first investigation, there are things players can do to make it easier to get the Vespoid drops as well.

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Where to Find Vespoids

Vespoids are located in the Ancient Forest, and take on the appearance of waspy, dragonfly-looking insect. In order to find Vespoids, you’re going to want to find a few specific areas, mainly: Area 6, 11, and 13. These are the areas where you will find the largest quantity of Vespoids.

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Area 6 is likely going to be your best option, as it is located on the ground floor of the Ancient Forest, and has a decent supply of Vespoids to hunt. You will need to be cautious, as the Anjanath is known patrol this area, as is the Pukei-Pukei.

If you reach Area 6 and can’t see any Vespoids, try climbing the vines in the corner, this should alert the Vespoids and make them come out of hiding. In the event you still can’t find any Vespoids in Area 6, consider heading to Area 11, or even Area 13.

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Area 13 is located on the second floor and is made up of vine-covered floors that can be climbed through using the long, ropey vines hanging from the ceiling. Because Vespoids are flying and don’t leave any discernable markings, you’re going to need to know exactly where to find them – you can’t track them like the large monsters.

For those that are farming Vespoids for the items they drop, consider crafting an Insect Charm or equipping armor with the Entomologist skill. The Entomologist skill improves the chance of carcasses appearing on the ground.

The Vespoids should continue to spawn in the Ancient Forest, allowing you to kill however many is required to complete the Investigation. If they don’t spawn, try another one of the areas mentioned above. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World Guide for more information on where to find monsters and other useful content!

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