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Overwatch League Opens Up Free Agency, Trades Starting Soon

Like any good sports league, the Overwatch League is opening up for trades and free agency.


The Overwatch League is in its third week. The action has already been wild, with the Overwatch world's best teams competing against one another. As of the time of this article's posting, the undefeated Seoul Dynasty are facing off against the 4-1 New York Excelsior. Blizzard has done everything possible on its end to present the league as closely to a professional sport as possible. And with the professional sport element also comes the idea of free agency and trades.

On Friday, Blizzard announced that the free agency signing period was now officially open. All squads could officially begin signing free agent playres not currently signed to an Overwatch League player contract today. This includes anyone from Contenders, Academy, and Open Division that meet the minimum 18-year-old age requirement and meet U.S. visa requirements. Anyone signed in free agency can begin competing on February 21, at the earliest. All signings must be approved by the Overwatch League office.

The trading period is set to begin on February 11. Teams can trade with one another between then and April 3, which is around the time that Stage 3 is set to begin.

A team's roster cannot exceed 12 players, so if any new players are signed, look for existing roster members to potential see themselves released. For now, Shacknews is keeping track of the Overwatch League rosters as currently constituted, but we'll be sure to issue any updates as they come in.

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