How To Fight Friends In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Keep the spirit of competition alive by battling with friends in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


With a lot of the excitment inherent to fighting games boiling down to the ability to pummel friends in a most flashy manner, many players were surprised to find that there's no direct way to challenge their friends in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fortunately, there is a workaround of sorts for players who are willing to practice a little bit of determination, the likes of which we've broken down below.

How To Play Dragon Ball FighterZ With Friends

The most obvious solution to finding a way to play Dragon Ball FighterZ with friends is to play offline. Of course, in this internet-connected age, that's not always easy to arrange. In order to get friends together online, players will need to start out by joining the same lobby within the same region. This should ensure that the players can find one another in a way that makes sense to the game.

From there, one player should try to create a Ring Match. To do so, head over to the part of the lobby where the Ring Match will take place — somewhere like the Kame House in the top left corner — then press either R2 or RT in order to summon the Ring Settings menu. Within it, players can select from a number of category settings that further detail the type of game they'd like to create. Then, players will also be able to choose their different battle rules — 1v1, 3v3, that sort of thing. It's from here that players will also be able to set their teams if they so choose.

Beyond this, players can also choose to set up a Ring Password, a numerical password that can be used by players who wish to join private parties. Afterward, the host will also be able to select the total number of players that will be allowed in the match, anywhere from 2 to 8 players overall. These steps aren't strictly necessary, but they can help weed out undesirables.

With all that said, players can use these tools to bring together their friends in order to start up their own custom matches. Simply congregate in the area of the lobby where the match is set up, then use the aforementioned tools in order to pare the match down to the expected parameters. It's not totally straightforward, we admit, but it ought to be enough to get die-hard Dragon Ball FighterZ fans together for the sort of high-flying battling they ask for by name.

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