Lost Sphear - How Artifacts Work

Restore the land and gain powerful buffs by using memories to build Artifacts.


At its core, Lost Sphear is a game about a world succumbing to the effects of fading memories. Memories are a crucial component to the realm of Gigante: not only are they found on the overworld and dropped by various monsters, they're also used to restore people, places, and things that have become "lost" through time. Aside from nursing the world back from the brink of eternity, memories are also used to create Artifacts that players can use to enhance their skills in a number of ways. Keep reading to discover how Artifacts work and the benefits players can expect to see once they're created.

Creating Artifacts In Lost Sphear

Right at the outset, Lost Sphear extolls the virtues of memories. In the game, memories take the form of stones that the player will collect from fighting or simply by exploring. Loads of different memory types are available, and players will want to track down an assortment in order to be able to craft Artifacts.

Throughout the course of the game, players will stumble upon glimmering areas on the overworld map that can be restored — these places are in fact potential locations for Artifacts, or little structures that provide passive buffs from everything to movement speed to battle skills like increasing the critical hit chance when using Momentum abilities.

Only one or two Artifacts can be crafted near the early stages of the game, but by the time players make it to the capital city, several more will have opened up. Creating Artifacts is simple: all players have to do is approach specially-marked lost areas and press the primary button in order to bring up a menu box. From there, they can choose which Artifact they'd like to create. Assuming all the right memory types are in the inventory, the Artifact will be created, and players can watch in delight as their skills increase. For a better look at how the system works, check out the video featured above.

There are loads of different Artifacts to be found in Lost Sphear, so many that we're sure we haven't yet found them all. From what we've seen so far, however, many of them are absolute necessities, including an Artifact that gives the overworld its own minimap, as well as one time-saving Artifact that increases the player's general movement speed. Some of the Artifacts' bonuses stack, too, and players can change their chosen Artifacts at any time simply by approaching them and selecting a different choice. Just remember that doing so will use up additional stores of memories.

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