Hasbro Talks New DropMix Game Cards at CES 2018

Shacknews gets up with Hasbro's Dan Judkins to discuss the finer points of DropMix.


DropMix is getting a lot of buzz lately, and rightly so: the unusual blend of music mixing and card-based NFC technology gives players a fantastic way to interact with one another as well as some of their favorite songs. It's not exactly a standard video game — players need the DropMix board along with a number of DropMix cards, the likes of which mingle together with the DropMix app in order for players to come up with their own far-out mixes.

Why is it so popular? Well that's simple. The Hasbro team has taken some of the music-minded talents from Harmonix and created a game that, like Guitar Hero long before it, allows players to enjoy some of their favorite tunes in an all-new way. Don't take our word for it, though: Shacknews caught up with Hasbro's Dan Judkins at CES 2018, where he explained some of the finer points of the game's design and mechanics. Check out all of what he's got to say in our exclusive interview, including a basic breakdown of DropMix's gameplay as well as some of the highlights of its multiple party modes and the latest selection of cards.

It'd be pretty easy to dismiss DropMix as just another music- and peripheral-based game, but the intriguing notion of mixing and matching various instrument tracks into something new is an idea that really seems to be resonating with players. It's been a while since we've gotten a good music-based game, too, and so far as we can tell, DropMix is about as fun as music gets without having to learn an actual instrument. We certainly look forward to seeing where the game goes from here.

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