Anime-Based Mobile RPG Onmyoji Releases For iOS and Facebook

The era of Onmyoji continues with the game's new iOS and Facebook releases.


Some of the best video games on the modern market become critically-acclaimed not only for featuring tight gameplay, but also for being based around rich lores. Fortunately for developer NetEase, its latest project has both. The anime-based RPG Onmyoji has been available in Asian territories for a while now, and the game has managed to earn itself over 200 million downloads as well as a number of different accolades, including Google Play's Best of 2017 award for Most Competitive Game. Now it's making its way into Western territories, with NetEase announcing that Onmyoji is now available in English to play on Facebook Gameroom as well as iOS devices.

Onmyoji is a game about onmyoji, or more specifically Onmyodo, which on the surface means that it deals with elements of traditional Japanese mythology and the origins of the world. In the game, players take on the role of heroes called onmyoji, practitioners of Onmyodo, who are tasked with using their powers to maintain the balance between the world of demons and the world of men.

Within the game, players will assume the role of Abe no Seimei, a fabled and legendary onmyoji who must recover his missing memories while fighting off countless demons. The gameplay itself is a blend of standard strategy RPG elements all mixed together with magical spirits to collect, party members to recruit, and a number of different battle modes to suit players' fancies. It's quite an attractive title, too, with impressive 3D modeling and a star-studded cast of voice actors.

Players who want to learn more about Onmyoji can do so by heading over to the English version of the game's official website or by checking out the Onmyoji page over on Facebook. Though the free-to-play game hasn't yet made a full PC release, more information about Onmyoji is also available through the game's Steam Early Access page. Playing the game is as easy as loading up Facebook Gameroom or by downloading it from the Apple App Store. And don't worry, NetEase hasn't forgottena bout Android users — the game is slated to land on Google's open OS on February 1.

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