RIP Miitomo, Nintendo Shutting Down Their First App

Cue up Bone Thugs' Crossroads and pour one out for the hoMiis. 


I guess I'm not the only one who downloaded Nintendo's Miitomo, played with it for about a week, then forgot it ever existed. Launching just back in 2016 the company's first ever endeavor into the world of mobile apps is being shut down forever on May 8th at 2pm EST. 

Players can no longer purchase Miitomo coins using real currency but are being encouraged to log in for daily bonus coins and tickets up until the shutdown. Nintendo is also asking fans to take to twitter to share their favorite Miifoto memories with the world. The app itself will be featuring a "Question of the Day" and asking players about their experience with Miitomo. 

At one point early on in its life cycle, the social app had over 10 million users, but then quickly fell of the map. It never really had the same success as some of NIntendo's other mobile ventures like Pokemon Go!, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, or Fire Emblem Heroes. Plus, their recent success with the Switch and the announcement of Nintendo Labo has given them plenty of other things to focus their attention on. 

Remember, players have until May 8th, 2pm EST to get their Miitomo fix. 

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