Sea of Thieves - How to Open Chests

Learn what to do with a treasure chest once you find it in Sea of Thieves.


Ask anyone what it means to be a pirate and they’ll tell you one thing: hunting for treasure. The same holds true in Sea of Thieves, while you can sail around, explore new islands, and engage in ship-to-ship combat, one of the most rewarding features is finding buried treasure. But it’s not exactly clear what to do with a locked treasure chest once you find it.

How to Open Treasure Chests

First off, in Sea of Thieves, you cannot open treasure chests, so let’s get that out of the way. What you actually do with chests in Sea of Thieves is take them to a merchant on an outpost island and sell them for gold.

Once you find a chest, get it back to your ship and then take it to the Gold Hoarders, one of the vendors you can find in the game. You’ll need to know where to find shops in Sea of Thieves, so make sure you know where to go.

Take the chest to the Gold Hoarder shop, and then interact using the “Sell” option. You will receive a small amount of gold coins for the chest as well as more reputation for the faction – which is important if you want access to difficult quests.

You will need to take the chest to the Gold Hoarders vendor one at a time, unless you’re working as part of a team. Just be mindful of other pirates in the area, as they might try to stop you and steal your treasure chest before you can get your reward.

Sea of Thieves is in full-swing, and pirates everywhere are taking to the seas to become pirate legends. Be sure to set your compass to Shacknews, as we'll be covering Sea of Thieves as it continues to grow and evolve.

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