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Nab A Dratini During Pokémon Go's Next Community Event

Treat it right, and you might get a Dragonite.


Pokémon Go players can look forward to another Community Day this February, where a new Pokémon will be available to capture for a very small window of time. Developer Niantic has announced that the next event will take place on February 24, where you’ll be able to pocket a Dratini with a special move.

Community Days are unique events that invite all players to take part in a worldwide Pokémon-capturing adventure where everyone has a chance to earn in-game bonuses and capture event Pokémon. For a few hours, Dratini will be available out in the world at random locations, and you’ll get three times the normal amount of Stardust for capturing monsters. Lure Modules will last three hours to help facilitate your captures.

The previous Community Day offered a chance to capture a Pikachu that knew the move Surf, effectively making it a Surfing Pikachu. This time around you can nab a Dratini with a special move, though Niantic hasn’t announced which move it’ll feature just yet. That should be revealed closer to the event’s debut. Whatever move it is, it’ll be something that regular Dratinis can’t typically learn.

Looking to grow that Pokémon Go collector’s cache? Make sure you don’t miss out on Community Days, which Niantic will always announce ahead of time. Clear your calendar for a few hours on February 24, and join the rest of the world for a little while as we all seek out that cute little Dratini. You’ll be glad you did it. For now, you can read up on more of the details surrounding Dratini on the official Pokémon Go site

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