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Two Point Hospital Devs Hint At More Titles to Come

The team formed from ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead members have grand plans for Two Point.


Initially teased on Twitter by Sega at the start of this week, the recently unveiled hospital management sim Two Point Hospital has been generating a ton of buzz with PC gamers online. The project is being handled by Two Point Studios, a new outfit that contains several key players from Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios. Bullfrog Studios was responsible for unleashing Theme Hospital into the PC gaming world more than twenty years ago. The management sim became a bona fide classic and inspired countless imitators and spinoffs throughout the years.

In a new interview with PC Gamer, Mark Webley, Gary Carr, and Ben Hymers of Two Point Studios discuss the new game, their history, and the possibilities for future games from the studio. Two Point Hospital takes place in the fictional Two Point county and the devs would like to expand on the universe and offer other light-hearted simulation games that will take place near the hospital.

Two Point Hospital looks to bring back the comedic spirit of the original Bullfrog games with a nice coat of 2018 paint. It will be an excellent opportunity for the current generation of PC players to get a taste of what was all the rage in the 90s. Best of all, Two Point Studios won’t have to worry about being chewed up and spit out as a dead husk by EA. RIP Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios.

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