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New Community Day Events Coming To Pokemon Go

Exclusive Pokemon with exclusive moves will land in the first iteration of the new global Pokemon Go event.


It hasn't been very long since the embarassing events of last year's Pokemon Go Festival, and even though many players might have lost interest in new Pokemon Go events since then, developer Niantic seems to have come up with a new strategy that should please fans without running the risk of problems like cell tower overcrowding and other technical failures.

Pokemon Go Community Day Dates, Times, and Activities

The new event is called Community Day, and it's a worldwide in-game event that will unify Pokemon Go players with the chance to score several special Pokemon with powerful exclusive moves. Instead of being limited to just one day or a range of days, Niantic is planning on hosting one Community Day event each month for the forseeable future, with each individual event offering unique bonuses and plenty of opportunities to capture rare creatures.

Starting on January 20, Pokemon Go players will begin to see special Pokemon released into the wild, including a new version of Pikachu featuring the exclusive Surf move. Players will earn double XP during event hours, and players can learn more about which other Pokemon and bonuses will be featured during the event by watching the official Pokemon Go blog and social media channels.

As for what time the inaugural Community Day kicks off, players in the Americas as well as Greenland can expect the event to begin at 11 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday. The event will formally close just three hours later at 2 p.m. Pacific, so players who want to track down a new version of Pikachu with the exclusive Surf move should plan ahead. Beyond that, the development team has encouraged users to post some of their acquisitions and other fun stories on social media using hashtag #PokemonGoCommunityDay.

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