Modojo Rewind: A Big Week For Nintendo Fans

The newest installment of the Modojo Rewind takes a look at some sly, surprising reveals for the Nintendo Switch and new mobile content.


Nintendo surprised a lot of people this week with quickly-disappearing hints of a new Direct presentation, followed by the actual presentation itself. Therein, the company revealed a number of exciting new titles, not the least of which being Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls. We've also got a look at the ever-evolving mobile scene, including important news for Pokemon Go enthusiasts.

Get cozy and crank up the mids, because we're about to jam to this week's Modojo Rewind.

You Still Haven't Gotten A Switch?

Like many weeks we've been having lately, this week has been filled to the brim with fresh Nintendo news. Not only did the company sneak a quick Direct presentation in for players, they've also been making some moves behind the scenes, including some that don't exactly make for good press.

For instance, Nintendo still doesn't think VR has mainstream appeal, even though some of the biggest names in gaming are jumping on the VR bandwagon. Hell, even WWE is is getting into VR. The company reportedly feels similarly about 4K displays, a field of technology again where competitors are rushing to support the high-definition format.

Beyond that, Big N has also found itself embroiled in yet-another legal case, this time filing a $40 million suit against mobile developer Colopl over five different technology patents. Who knows how that one will play out. Fortunately, Nintendo fans who care more about games than business will be able to check out a number of new Switch titles revealed in the recent Nintendo Direct, including Super Meat Boy, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, SNK Heroines, Payday 2, Ambition of the Slimes, Dark Souls, and others. Additionally, 3DS fans are getting a new Pokemon-centric game called Detective Pikachu.

Moving Back To Mobile

The mobile game scene is always shaking itself up, so much so that it's hard to stay on top of all the most important news. That's why Modojo @ Shacknews exists, in fact, just to keep fans up-to-date. And keep we shall! This week saw the release of the new Overwatch League mobile app, which happened to perfectly coincide with a landmark partnership deal between Overwatch League and streaming service Twitch, as well as the start of the league's inaugural season.

In rare Sega news, the company has an all-new mobile game that essentially blends slot machine gameplay with classic Sonic IP. It's called Sega Slots, and it's available for free for iOS and Android devices. And while you're browsing the store, particularly for iOS devices, make sure your operating system is up-to-date, since Niantic is about to drop Pokemon Go support for older iOS devices.

Looking further ahead this year, players might be excited to pick up Meteorfall, the latest indie title from developer Slothwerks. It doesn't have a release date just yet, but it's certainly a title to keep an eye out for. Beyond that, tech manufacturer Lenovo is gearing up to roll out the new Mirage Solo VR headset, a standalone unit that should appeal to players curious in VR who don't own a Daydream-compatible smartphone.

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