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WWE Working On New VR Experience For Fans

Whatcha gonna do when VR runs wild on you?


As VR becomes more mainstream in the consumer market, so do the types of unique experiences companies can offer fans of their products and brands. One such merging that seems like a natural combination to me is VR and the WWE. So, I wasn't too surprised to hear that the entertainment giant had partnered with NextVR to bring fans into the ring. 

NextVR is working on 6 different 10 minute long VR experiences that are promising to give wrestling fans a perspective like no other. Each experience will be free and available on a WWE channel withing NextVR's app. But, that's the just the beginning. WWE wants to eventually expand the content to be included on their own entertainment network 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Variety WWE’s chief revenue and marketing officer Michelle Wilson said "WWE took its first crack at VR more than two years ago in a pact with Samsung. Since then, the virtual-reality space has evolved and VR now has the potential to not only super-serve WWE fans with unique content but become a real revenue stream. It’s an incredible fan-engagement opportunity. We’re going to provide these amazing, oh-my-god moments in VR.”

This isn't the first time NextVR has brought this kind of experience to sports entertainment either. The company has partnered with the NBA, NFL, and Fox Sports in the past to name a few. Their app can be found on a number of VR platforms including the PSVR, Samsung VR, Microsoft Window's mixed reality. 

WWE fans can expect to enter the ring and get an up close and personal look at John Cena's glistening, sweaty pecs sometime in Q1 2018. No further details were available about the launch or what exactly will be included in the content. 

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