Awesome Games Done Quick 2018: Day 3 Schedule and Runs to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick is back and raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Shacknews has today's full schedule of runs and has picked out a couple that are worth watching.


It's a new year and that means it's time, once again, for the folks at Games Done Quick to get together to raise some more money for charity. Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual event, held in the month of January, where the world's best speedrunners come together to blaze through games of the past and present as quickly as possible.

This year, Awesome Games Done Quick has touched down in Herndon, VA. They will be raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event has begun and has already raised over $250,000! As the week goes on, Shacknews is here to offer a look at some of the noteworthy runs from throughout the week that should not be missed.

Before getting into the Day 3 schedule, let's look back at this incredible Day 2 highlight:

Here's the full schedule for Day 3, taken from the Games Done Quick website, along with a handful of noteworthy runs to check out. (Times subject to change.)

Time (All Times PT)GameRunRunner(s)Target Time
6:39 AM Ristar Any% - Genesis Liz the Goddess 32:00
7:21 AM Gargoyles Easy Any% - Genesis Cypherin 25:00
7:56 AM Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Maxim All Bosses - GBA VB__ 23:00
8:29 AM Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Zero Bosses - Xbox 360 Dr4gonBlitz 35:00
9:14 AM Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Eirika vs Ephraim bid war - GBA Kirbymastah 1:25:00
10:49 AM Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Any% Normal - Wii Claris 2:35:00
1:34 PM Super Mario 3D World Any% - Wii U peteyboo 2:05:00
3:49 PM Half-Life: Opposing Force Any% Scriptless - PC alexh0we 30:00
4:39 PM Left 4 Dead 2 Main Campaigns Co-op - PC mr.deagle, The Master, burhác, MrFailzzz 58:00
5:47 PM Dying Light Any% Co-op - PC TheFuncannon, Amyrlinn 1:45:00
7:42 PM Resident Evil 7: Biohazard New Game Madhouse - PC Carcinogen 1:50:00
9:42 PM Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Any% Race - PC Bawkbasoup, wusscake 1:00:00
10:52 PM Silent Hill Any% - PSX Punchy 50:00
11:52 PM Blood II: The Chosen Any% Caleb vs Ophelia bid war - PC Cubeface 37:00
12:39 AM Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered Any% - PC Bismuth 1:15:00
2:04 AM Disney's Toy Story Any% - SNES JermRo 25:00
2:39 AM Holy Diver Any% - Famicom WhiteHat94 24:00
3:11 AM Kid Icarus Any% - NES Darkwing Duck 33:00
3:52 AM Wizards & Warriors Any% - NES DarkTerrex 20:00
4:20 AM Little Nemo: The Dream Master Any% - NES Joka 25:00
4:53 AM Journey to Silius Any% - NES Toad22484 15:00
5:16 AM Panic Restaurant Any% (US Version) - NES JSR2gamers 18:00
5:42 AM Mitsume Ga Tooru Any% Easy - Famicom EndySWE 20:00

8:29 AM - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night still stands as one of the most acclaimed of the Castlevania games. But how is it going to look when Dr4gonBlitz attempts to blaze through it without encountering any bosses? It'll definitely feel like something different, which is a good thing. Castlevania runs, like a lot of other speed runs for other games, are at their best when they stray from the norm.

3:49 PM - Half-Life: Opposing Force

This is the Half-Life franchise's first apperance at this year's Awesome Games Done Quick and it comes from alexh0we attempting a scriptless run. What is a scriptless run, one may ask? The answer is that it reduces a lot of PC scripting trickery by disallowing tactics like save warping and movement-assisted scripting. This is about as pure a run as one can find, so those looking for a clean Half-Life: Opposing Force run will want to tune in here.

4:39 PM - Left 4 Dead 2

That's not all from Valve, though. That's because mr.deagle, The Master, burhác, and MrFailzzz are all getting together for a co-op run, looking to beat the game's main campaigns in just under an hour. With hordes of undead chasing them, it certainly won't be easy.

It should be noted that because Super Metroid isn't present at this year's Awesome Games Done Quick, the runners have to save or kill something! That's why donations are going towards saving or killing the gnome. That's right, right up until the start of the run, viewers can donate towards whether team will save Gnome Chompski from the Carnival campaign or simply leave him be.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 will take place from now through Saturday, January 13. For more, check out the Games Done Quick website and be sure to watch all of the action from Twitch.

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